Good adhesion and the box is sealed.

Box closures with adhesive tape are fundamental to transport packaging. The question is simply: How? Should one use 'modern' self-adhesive tapes or rather the proven gummed tapes?

Cyklop offers you the choice plus the matching decision-making aid. Use of gummed tape has the advantage of providing a better bond between the surface of the box and the adhesive tape: The liquid glue penetrates deep into the fibres of the box surface. The adhesive strip holds even when exposed to unfavourable environmental influences (extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, long storage) and can neither be opened nor removed by unauthorised persons without visible traces. Self-adhesive tapes are particularly efficient to apply and constitute an equivalent alternative for a normal application.

Here too, Cyklop is systematic offering an extensive range from its own production: Dispensers or automatic machines – and matching gummed strips plus dispensers and automatic machines for self-adhesive tapes. Adhesive strips and tapes are naturally also available with print according to your specifications.