From the cardboard blank to the cardboard box.

Stapling is an alternative to taping and is particularly fast and efficient when making cardboard boxes for transport purposes. In this process the cardboard blanks are folded and connected at the butt joints. In this way the both ends and – after the filling process – are sealed.

Since the staples grip all the layers of cardboard like a 'claw' and scythe connection is not 'superficial' but firm – it is dimensionally stable.

Depending on the type, weight, duration of transport and the stress to be expected we also recommend strapping the transport boxes, in addition to stapling.

Stapling closure is not subject to any temperature problems, is always ready without any preparationand equipment does not have to be cleaned.

Cyklop offers a whole range of powerful stapling tools: Hand lever staplers, various pneumatic box staplers, stapling pliers as well as rod and bottom staplers – and naturally the matching accessories.