Good adhesion and the box is sealed.

Box closures with adhesive tape are fundamental to transport packaging. The question is simply: How? Should one use 'modern' self-adhesive tapes or rather the proven gummed tapes?

Cyklop offers you the choice plus the matching decision-making aid. Use of gummed tape has the advantage of providing a better bond between the surface of the box and the adhesive tape: The liquid glue penetrates deep into the fibres of the box surface. The adhesive strip holds even when exposed to unfavourable environmental influences (extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, long storage) and can neither be opened nor removed by unauthorised persons without visible traces. Self-adhesive tapes are particularly efficient to apply and constitute an equivalent alternative for a normal application.

Here too, Cyklop is systematic offering an extensive range from its own production: Dispensers or automatic machines – and matching gummed strips plus dispensers and automatic machines for self-adhesive tapes. Adhesive strips and tapes are naturally also available with print according to your specifications.


Hand dispenser
For self-adhesive tapes, sturdy and ideal for industrial applications.


Self-adhesive tapes
Cyklop offers a wide range of high-quality tapes for every application.


Umet 75
Automatically dispenses adhesive strips in defined lengths at the push
of a button.


Babymatic II
Electronic tape dispenser for
self-adhesive tapes with automatic cut-off device


Compact Taper
Automatic machine for closing the bottom and top of cartons.





High-quality gummed tapes go hand in hand with applicators which are proven in practice. Cyklop offers a wide range of reinforced and unreinforced high-quality tapes for every application.


By printing a company logo, texts or warning symbols on the gummed tapes the means of sealing is turned into an unmistakable advertising medium – providing the added benefit of successful low-cost advertising.



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The Cyklop hand dispensers for self-adhesive tapes are robust, sturdy and ideally designed for industrial application. They are essential helpers for quickly and securely sealing all kinds of packages in the packing room and in production.
Modell 75-2
Hand dispenser for rugged continuous use with easy handling. Design matched to the field of application and made of mirror-finish nickel-plated steel, with easy-to-change sturdy serrated blade. Rolls are changed by simple attachment.
Takes all self-adhesive tapes up to a width of 50 mm..
Modell 100-7
Extremely sturdy hand dispenser for applying wide self-adhesive tapes.

Takes all self-adhesive tapes up to a width of 75 mm.
Modell QR
This handy tool features a built-in adjustable roll brake so there is no problem using easy-peel PP self-adhesive tapes. The tape is simply cut off by setting the dispenser at an angle.
Takes all self-adhesive tapes up to a width of 50 mm.
Modell LN
A special hand dispenser with reduced dispensing noise when using PP tape.
Takes all self-adhesive tapes up to a width of 50 mm. Also available for tapes with a width of 75 mm.



With the strip dispenser C 25 you make the right choice no matter whether you have batches with identical box formats or whether your box dimensions are constantly changing. The highly compact tool takes all standard gummed strips in widths from 20 to 100 mm, reinforced or unreinforced.

It is designed for continuous use, extremely reliable and user-friendly, not least on account of its robust housing and metal walls. The parts susceptible to corrosion are burnished or galvanised.

  - Pushbutton switches for 22 fixed lengths
  - Button for random lengths
  - Repeat button for two tape lengths

Technical data:
Dimensions: 450 x 290 x 250 mm
Tape widths: From 20 to 100 mm
Max. roll width: 200 mm
Weight: Approx. 12 kg
Operating voltage: 230 V, 1Ph, 50 Hz, 100 W
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