Cyklop accessories – the optimum supplement to our range of products

Strap dispenser SA 3

Strap dispenser for rugged continuous operation using our systems. Large strap store so strap removal has no effect on weight..

Strap dispenser QPW-B

For easy storage and effortless removal of the strap. With large shelf for hand tools and seals; with strap brake.

Strap dispenser BJ 31

For easy storage and effortless removal of strap.

Strap cutter CBC

Facilitates collection of straps for recycling. Severs steel straps with a width of up to 32 mm into pieces 85 mm long. Also operates with high-strength steel straps, PP straps and PET straps.

Edge protectors

These prevent damage to the edges of packages caused by straps. In conjunction with the strapping, edge protection rails ensure that even large load units are held together securely. In this way even irregularly shaped packages can be grouped by low-cost strapping to create load units.