What counts is holding power!

In securing loads, strap tension is not the only aspect involved – holding power is crucial. Compared to steel straps Cyklop plastic straps – especially with loads which tend to settle – offer the crucial advantage of high elasticity: Owing to their restoring capacity these straps compensate for any decreases in load circumference – and thus ensure optimum holding power and real load securement.

Plastic straps have many advantages in their favour in other respects as well: Light-weight, higher industrial safety and favourable consumption costs make this type of strapping first choice.

Cyklop is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic straps. For strapping tasks, such as bundling packages or sealing transport boxes, PP (polypropylene) straps constitute an optimum solution – and also a low-cost solution.

For heavy and very heavy operations – such as securing pallets – Cyklop PET (polyester) straps are often the non plus ultra in innovative load securement.

For the application of plastic straps Cyklop offers a whole host of innovative products: From the low-cost hand tool for a few packaging procedures per day to fully automated machines and systems for high volumes of loads.