For binding together, bundling and attachment jobs.

With the Elastobinder® you can bundle both horizontally and vertically. Machine feed and receipt of the finished bundle are performed either manually or mechanically with the aid of a conveyor belt or rotary table. Catering for your wishes and requirements, we develop and build complete packaging lines. The Elastobinder can also be integrated into your existing packaging line.

The Elastobinder® can also be equipped with an optional automatic labelling device. Prior to bundling, the label is folded round each Strepper®. This ensures that every bundle is provided with the correct information

of applications

Technical Data:


Max. 45 bundles/min

Power supply:

230 V, 1 Ph., 50 Hz

Air supply:

6 bar



Frame size:

160 mm x 160 mm or 400 mm x 160 mm (WxH)