CP 500 Handtool


The light pneumatic strapping hand tool





The pneumatic hand tool CP 500 can hardly be beaten and is ideal for companies that have to pack heavy goods and strap them on strapping stations ready for despatch.
The unique construction allows a high tension force of up to 5000 N* with continuously high retaining strength thus keeping the load secure until it reaches its destination.

* depending on the strap quality and package





• Easy handling


• Simple insertion – strap on strap


• High tension for industrial requirements


• Very strong seal


• Light, compact, ergonomic


• Maintenance-friendly




Technical data:

Type of seal:

Friction sealing

Tensioning force:

Up to 5,000 N
(depending on strap quality and package)


approx. 5.6 kg


B 300 x H 155 x L 200 mm

Method of insertion:

Strap on strap

Suitable for:

Polyester (PET) straps (Polypropylene straps)

Strap widths:

12 - 16 - 19 mm adjustable

Strap thickness:

0.7 - 1.4 mm

Technical requirements:

Air pressure:

6 bar (max. 7 bar)

Pipe inner dia.:


Hose dia.:


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