Ampag Sprint II




The semi-automatic strapping machine Ampag Sprint II for the strapping of diverse packages and other products such as magazines.
The Ampag Sprint II can be used in many different branches of industry. It distinguishes itself through reliability, easy operation and low maintenance. Great value was put into developing the operator panel.




Technical data:

Type of closure:

Heat seal


Up to 48 Cycles/min
depending on the pre-selected strapping tension and frame size

Arch sizes available:

600 mm X 400 mm (W x H)
600 mm X 600 mm


Polypropylen DIN EN 13 394
strap width: 5 - 9 mm
strap thikness: 0.4 - 0.6 mm

Coil dimension:

200/228 x 420 x 190 (160/180/200) mm (inside/outside/width)

Min. package size:

100 mm x 5 mm (W x H)

Max. package weight:

30 kg

Machine weight:

Approx. 170 kg

Strap tension:

0 – 325 N

Operating condition:

+10°C bis +40°C (50°F bis 104°F)

Power supply:

Operating voltage:

230V, 50 Hz

Total power input:

approx. 1.0 kW

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