Cyklop Superflex is characterised by an extremely high firmness of over 1.000 N/mm² and an elasticity within the plastic range. The shock reserve is unusually high for steel strap and offers the possibility of a partial overstretching. These characteristics affect themselves in particular with sharp package edges with stones or steel sheets.
Cyklop Superflex is used both in hand tools and on machines. The strap edges are rounded off. In order to ensure a high working reliability and clamping possibility, the surface is waxed. Cyklop Superflexband is available with the following surfaces:

• BP = Black painted,
• ZN = Zinc dust coated

Technical Data:
Tensile strength: Approx. 1030 N/mm²
Strap width: 12,7 mm to 32,0 mm
Strap thickness: 0,5 mm to 0,8mm
Elasticity: Approx. 12 %