Packaging is serious business. Before we advice you on how to package your loads, we do some serious logistics...
First we need to figure out why you are packaging. Is it to:

  • Unitize: Such as grouping/bundling corrugated iron roofing sheets, Pipes, Timber, corrugated cartons, plastic bags, pallets of cans & bottles, etc.
  • Re-inforce a package: Such as wooden boxes reinforced with strapping reducing need for nails.
  • Close a package: such as a corrugated boxes of goods.
  • Secure: Ensuring packed item does not move within its pack during transportation and arrival at destination. Egs: Bunch of roses packed for export strapped down to the base of the corrugated box on the inside prior to closing and strapping it again, eliminating movement and possible damage of the stems/roses.
  • Bale: Compressing goods such as cotton, sisal, used clothes ‘mitumba’, etc are baled, making it easier to handle/transport.
  • We then need to decide what kind of strap to use to package your load. This can be influenced by:
  • The nature of the load-will it change its dimensions before, during & after packaging? Will it remain unchanged? How heavy will it be? Egs: Steel ingots, Coils, Iron roofing sheets, etc do not change shape and size. However cotton bales, textile bundles, corrugated boxes, bags of rubber will change its shape.
  • How it will be handled? By forklift? By cranes? By hand?.
  • How will it be transported? By sea? By truck? Short or long distance? Condition of road surface? Airfreight? By train?
  • How it will be stored-out in the open yard? Cold storage? Hot & humid areas?
  • Finally the choice of the strap depends on the characteristics of the strap itself:
  • The break strength of the strap.
  • Ability of strap to elongate and recover during and after tensioning.
  • Tensile strength of strap, tension transmission, retained tension or tension decay.
  • Flaking of strap, abrasion as strap rubs against each other or cuts sharp corners, strap end splitting, inward or outward curl of strapping, uneven width or thickness of strap.
  • Trust us-whatever we do, we take great pains, time and effort in making the right choice of packaging your load to ensure your goods reach its destination as it was intended it.

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